Our Charities for 2018

Allegra’s Ambition

Allegra’s Ambition aims to enable, engage and empower young, disadvantaged people to fulfil their potential through participation in sport and outdoor activities.

Allegra’s Ambition is a small tightly run charity founded in memory of Allegra who died far too young and failed to reach her full potential. Among Allegra’s greatest joys were sports of all kinds and outdoor activities – If it was fun, if it was challenging, if it was inclusive then Allegra was up for it. In the absence of her reaching her potential Allegra’s Ambition is intended to provide as many disadvantaged young people as possible to exceed theirs whether that is by gaining a new experience or attaining a new skill or achieving new found confidence.

Rather than ‘re-invent the wheel’, Allegra’s Ambition seeks to partner with established charities with closely allied goals with demonstrated track records of good management and tangible results. We sponsor specific projects and seek to add value to our partners’ existing work.

Please visit www.allegrasambition.org.uk for more information.

Youth Action Wiltshire (YAW)

Youth Action Wiltshire has been supporting Wiltshire’s young people for 70 years. Their mission is to provide crucial ‘social lifelines’ to young people across the county, supporting them to fulfil their potential and become valued members of their communities.

The services they proudly deliver are;

Wiltshire Young Carers Service – Keeping young carers aged 5-18 years safe in their caring role and equipping them for the future, by providing respite activities, 1:1 support and advocacy.

Splash – Providing positive activities during school holidays for young people facing challenges in their lives.  Our Splash programme aims to increase young people’s confidence and self-esteem, improve social skills and provide skill development and friendship making opportunities.

Employability Programmes – Supporting young people who are NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) or at risk of becoming NEET to overcome barriers and progress by providing skill develop and confidence building activities, 1:1 support and advocacy.

Youth Club Support – Developing new youth clubs and working with youth and young leaders to ensure youth clubs are safe, interesting places to be.

Youth Action Wiltshire operates as the national award-winning ‘Youth Arm’ of, ‘Community First’ registered charity number 288117.

Please visit www.communityfirst.org.uk/yaw for more information or visit their Facebook Page.

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