Our Charity for 2017

This year the Mary Howard Fair are very proud to be running the Fair in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity (GOSH Charity).

Every day brings new challenges at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). Every day, children from across the UK arrive for life-changing treatments. Every day, young lives hang in the balance as patients, families and staff battle the most complex illnesses.

Every day, the brightest minds come together to achieve pioneering medical breakthroughs that change the lives of thousands of children – and change the world.

Despite the greatest challenges a child can face, the hospital is a place where being sick does not always mean being sad. And it’s a place where you’ll find – today and every day – some of the bravest people you could ever meet. This extraordinary hospital has always depended on charitable support and every day is a chance for you to made a difference.

GOSH Charity supports the hospital by providing funds to four key areas:

Rebuilding and refurbishment – to help fund the wards and medical facilities designed around children, and which let the hospital treat more patients.

Research – to help fund pioneering research to tackle complex childhood illnesses.

Equipment – to help fund the most advanced equipment for treating the toughest and rarest conditions.

Children and family support – to fund services that help make life in hospital as normal as possible for young patients and their families.

With your support, The Mary Howard Christmas Fair will be making a donation to GOSH Charity at the end of the event. In addition, we will be organising a gift-wrapping service sponsored by one of our exhibitors, Sophie’s Ribbons, with all proceeds going exclusively to the charity.

A horizontal row of products from the 2017 Mary Howard Christmas Fair